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Mumble is like Teamspeak which is a VoIP program like Skype but it allows us mods to better moderate the call than Skype ever could. Unlike Skype which connect the call between users there is a server for mumble and all the clients connect to server and there for the server will always be on 24 hours.

By logging into the mumble server you have agreed to all the rules listed and you will agree to follow any commands from Aria or a mod in the Mumble server.

To access the mumble server you will need to download mumble and install it to your computer, you can get the download here.  After you installed mumble go through the Audio Wizard and the Certificate Wizard(its highly recommended that you use a headset or earphones for the Audio Wizard and when you use mumble).  After you finished with all the setup you can use this link or this url to login to the server.


To use the server please use your Justin.tv or twitch.tv username, otherwise you can manually input the server below.


The Server Info is as follows

Label: (this one is for you not the server)

Address: mumble.ariablarg.tv

Port: 64801

Username: (this must be your Justin.tv or your Twitch.tv username)




Rules will be revised as needed

  • The rules from Ariablarg will apply on mumble, with a three strikes rule.
  • After the third strike you will be banned from the server for 48 hours
  • If you are idle on the server you will get kicked as there are only a limited amount of space on the server
  • If your mic has been remotely muted that means you were making too much noise, you have three choices then
  1. Stop any noise you were making
  2. Adjust your mic settings so the noise gets cut out
  3. Switch from Amp or signal to noise ratio to PTT (Push To Talk)
  • Be attentive in the call
  • If a mod finds that your contribution to the call make aria or other people in the call uncomfortable we will kick you
  • A mod reserve the right to kick you from the server if you and another member starts a debate that gets way too out of hand
  • Friendly debates are ok, shouting match are not, this will be an hour ban from the servers
  • Kashi Takashi and Aria will always have final say as punishments and rules go
  • This is my server that I am donating to aria, so my server my rules for them and the same goes with Aria.  Don’t like it then don’t join the mumble call .

This server will be open for all users of Ariablarg but the live area is only limited to registered and permitted users.  To become a registered user you must have an assigned or self-assigned certificate (if you went through the Certificate wizard you created one for mumble), then login to the server with the username you want to use, then in mumble go to self>register.  After this point if you want a new username or if you install mumble somewhere else and login to the server from a different computer we will need to revoke your old certificate.  If you have two different computers where you can log in mumble name your self two different names or import a certificate from one computer to another.


If you have any questions feel free to comment below 😛

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