Thank you for your interest in having your channel/product being advertised on our site currently we have three places you can put your ad.
Currently we are partnered with Project wonderful so they will provide the ads for us but you can get a spot by placing a bid on the spot you want to get. The way that project wonderful works is that you can place a bid for an ad spot for x amount a day as long as you stay as the leader on the spot you get to display your ad.


The top banner, where most people can see your ad this will be the most competitive spot so prices will range. Currently the you can get this spot at:. To bid on this ad spot go here and place your bid.
The bottom banner ad is placed at the bottom of the page before the footer of the page. Currently you can get this ad spot at:. To bid on this ad spot go here.

The side banner is where you can place a vertical ad and its placed at the bottom sidebar. Currently you can get this spot at:. To bid for this spot go here.

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