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Name: Aria Blarg
Jobs: CEO, Founder
Stream: Ariablarg+Friends
Favorite Games: Harvest Moon 64, Okage: Shadow King, Dark Cloud, Day of the Tentacle
About me: I’ve been playing games since I can remember, with a nerdy older brother to show me the ropes as well as encouraging parents. My parents at first were worried about me playing games at a young age, but soon found that the more I played games, my reading comprehension grew stronger in school.
Even though I love video games, I love living my life especially! Going out, spending times with friends and family, exercising, drawing, and studying to go to nursing school someday. But you can’t forget the video games!!

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pobox4Kashi”s Social Links:Name: Kashi Takashi
Jobs: Vice-President ,Technical Adviser, Animator, and Webmaster (lets find some more to add 🙂 )
Stream: Takashi’s Chill Cast
Favorite Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sims 3, Gran Turismo 5
About me: Coming from odd set of job descriptions; Photographer, Cinema-photographer, Professional Broadcaster(in real life), DJ, and Computer Tech I can safely say I am an odd ball of wonders :P. I’m not into video games as much as I did when I was younger but I do hold an interest in broadcasting but I don’t have powerful enough computers to handle my quality of standards T.T.  I do most of the background maintenance here on the site, I usually wont pop up on the site post wise unless I make a technical post like if the site crashed and I restored it or just some general announcements.

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