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Aug 29

Exclusive Terraria Content Coming to Edge Of Space

Fans of Minecraft quickly found a love for Terraria and I wonder what they will think when cybernetically-enhanced laser space sharks show up in their beloved world of Terraria. For me, I personally think it will make it even more fawesome. Handyman Studios and ReLogic announced their partnership that will bring content from wildly popular game Terraria …

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Aug 15

Indie Game ‘Forced’ to be Shown at Gamescom & PAX

BetaDwarf Entertainment, an independent game developer, formed by students who once worked together in a university classroom, has announced that their first project, a co-op arena game titled Forced will be available with hands on demos for both Gamescom 2013, as well as PAX Prime. Forced, a game in which players will choose one of …

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Aug 11

PAXtravaganza: New Games Highlight

For all gamers alike, PAX  is a place for their favorite announcements and entertainment. On their website, they state that “every year the submissions keep getting better and better.” And with just a short list of the lineup of what to expect, there is sure to be something for everyone. This year for individuals who enjoy …

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Aug 07

Catch Some Air with Windborne

Let’s say you’ve got a great new game and you’ve got the skills to turn it into a polished, professional product. What do you do next? Well, you really have only two options: you can submit it to existing publishers or publish it yourself.  For Hidden Path Entertainment, they chose to do the ladder. Not …

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Jun 30

Team Meat at PAX Prime

Yesterday Team Meat announced that their next game Mew-Genics will be playable for the first time at PAX Prime.  Along with the first playable build of the game they will be giving out an exclusive 28 page comic/activity book written by Edmund McMillen. The comic will be in black and white and is promised to …

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Mar 04

Tagros’ Thoughts: Bit Trip Buy This Game

Hello All! As I sit here waiting for it to hit 9 pm (when Tomb Raider releases on Steam for the West Coast), I wanted to do a blog about a game that I have been playing a bit of recently. Unfortunately, I have been massively busy with work the past two weeks, but I …

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Status update

Hey Blargnauts! If you were following our coverage of PAX Prime last year, you know we pumped out a ton of interviews with developers, publishers, and everything in between. We’re going out to PAX East to bring you even more. This time, it will be a smaller group of us. Myself, Bill Zoeker, will be blazing a trail through the convention with Aria once again; with Kashi Takashi, and Ransom Summer rounding out the team. We’ll be focusing more on the lighter side of things this time, so prepare your sides to be split.

Nov 03

Tagros’ Thoughts: Pid Sure is a Mighty Delight

Hey all! I know that I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but I am promising right now that from now on, I will be trying my hardest in order to get out a blog once a week.  With the formalities out of the way, I wanted to jump straight into …

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Sep 17

Win a RUNNER 2 Shirt Signed by Alex Neuse, Mike Roush, and Gaijin Games!

Hey Blergnuts and bobbers! As you may know, Aria streamed live from PAX Prime 2012 with Alex and Mike of Gaijin Games. Gaijin, being the awesome dudes they are, hooked us up with a Runner 2 shirt(size XL) which everyone at their booth proceeded to sign. Now we want to toss this vestment graced by …

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Sep 01

Day 1 Pax Prime Impressions

Hello Loyal Blargtonians, So the first day of PAX Prime 2012 has officially ended, and I have to say that for my first day at a convention (ever), I had an absolute blast.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect as the whole Blarg team was approaching the convention center, but I have to say that what shocked me the most …

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