Aug 28

BorderLands 2 Gets GOTY Edition

ku-bigpic (1)

As with all great games throughout history, one day, they shall ascend to either one of two options: Game of the Year or Greatest Hits. These two distinctive honors do not come lightly within the video game world. Greatest Hits is what you would call a Hall of Fame for the outstanding sales and fan support that a game has received in a console’s life-cycle. The other, which is a bit easier to obtain, is for giving back to the fans who have supported the game and bundled everything they loved into one box. Today, Borderlands 2 will receive a Game of the Year Edition honor.

Borderlands 2 GOTY will include the following:

Captain Scarlett and her Pirate Booty

Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep

Creature Slaughter Dome

Premiere Club Content: Gaige (Mechromancer), GearBox Gun Pack, Golden Key Vault Hunter Relic

Kreig: The Psycho Character Class

Collector’s Edition Heads and Skins

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1


The game will retail for $60 when it comes out on October 8th for NA (11th for other regions) for the PC, PS3, and X-box 360.

Aug 27

Lost Planet 3 is Out!

The third installment in the Lost Planet series is now out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC (digital download) for gamers in North America, with gamers in Europe having to wait just two more days for it. A retail copy for Windows will be released on September 27th in Europe as well.

Lost Planet 3 is a prequel to Capcom’s first two games in the series, with players taking on the role of Jim Peyton, who embarks on a journey to solve Earth’s energy crysis by collecting Thermal Enegy, under the employment of the corporation NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) and encounters the insectoid alien race of the Akrid.

Lost Planet 3 boss fight

The main feature of this new installment is a pilotable giant mech suit called Utility Rig, that players can use to engage giant alien beasts hand to hand or with laser guns. Outside of the mech, players engage combat and exploration in a third person perspective with the downside of having to fight the hostile environment in addition to the aliens.

Althought this new entry no longer has co-op it still has multiplayer modes, where players can take command of two factions: NEVEC and Snow Pirates. The multiplayer allows for up to 10 player battles.

The official soundtrack for the game that features all the tracks audible inside the mech suit is also now available digitally through iTunes and Amazon for both North America and Europe.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen and as a price tag of $59.99. The following launch trailer has also been released to get players motivated for some more Akrid slaughter.



Aug 27

Dragon Fantasy Book II Interview w/ Muteki Corp!

For all you JRPG lovers I’ve got a treat for you! We recently got a chance to talk with Muteki Corp‘s Creative Director Adam Rippon about the sequel to their loving homage to JRPGs of the 8 bit era, Dragon Fantasy Book I. With Dragon Fantasy Book II releasing on Playstation 3 and PS Vita on September 10th, fans of JRPGs will get a chance to dive into the genre once again with an updated homage to 16 bit JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. Here’s what Adam Rippon had to say about the sequel.

First off, for our readers who are unfamiliar with the Dragon Fantasy Series, tell us a little bit about what players can expect from the series as a whole.

“The Dragon Fantasy series is a character-driven story about a group of unlikely heroes. There’s Ogden, a former hero who let himself go, and is forced to get back into the hero-ing business to defeat the evil Dark Lord. Along his journey he meets the Woodsman, a crazy old man who has lived in the woods for so long that he can’t remember his own name, and Prince Anders, a promiscuous lout who didn’t want to rule and so goes on ill-advised adventures with a band of filthy pirates. Ogden’s quest to save his homeland of Westeria from the Dark Lord is ultimately successful, but then thanks to Prince Ander’s meddling, all three of them have to set sail for the Southlands to find the Voidstone of Westeria, a gemstone that contains the soul of the Dark Lord, which was stolen by a pair of thieves.”

Can you tease a little about what fans of the first game have to look forward to in Book II?

“Book II picks up immediately after Book I ends, with our three heroes on a boat to the Southlands of Tundaria, with one stowaway on board. They’ll eventually join up with Ramona, who, unbeknownst to them, is in fact one of the two thieves they’re after. As it turns out, Tundaria has been having plenty of troubles lately, with a lady called the Black Queen of Ice who could turn the whole continent to a solid sheet of ice if she’s left unchecked.”

Is there anything in particular you are excited for people to see in Dragon Fantasy Book II?

“I’m excited for people to see a lot of things, our battle system allows for huge numbers of enemies at once, and of course because the monsters are visible in the game there are no random encounters. We’ve got ship-to-ship combat sequences, where you have to defeat enemies and lob them at the other ship with a cannon. And some of our bosses are pretty dang ginormous!”


Will players of the first game be able to import their save files when starting Book II?

“Sadly, no. We didn’t have time to implement that feature. Maybe someday in the future when all three games in the series are done I’ll be able to make that work. That being said, Ogden, Ramona and Anders’ levels reflect more or less where they would be if a player finished Book I.”

Turn Based RPGs such as the 16 and 32 bit era which were incredibly popular are very hard to come by now, which I think is somewhat sad. What made you decide to attempt to revive a genre that has all but disappeared from the market?

“When I started working on Dragon Fantasy Book I, I thought I was making something unique to this era, but I’ve since discovered that there are actually a lot of really great indie RPG developers out there, making really great stuff. Zeboyd Games led the charge, and then there’s teams like Bread Brothers working on Sully: A Very Serious RPG, and Eden Industries with Citizens of Earth. Having had many opportunities to get to know these guys, I feel certain that we all share a deep love of the genre, and basically it’s just not an option for us not to do it. I personally have a story that I want to tell, and I’m gonna do it, regardless of whether or not it’s smart business!”

Was the creation of the Dragon Fantasy series out of love for the genre? Or was there some other reasoning behind it?

“Dragon Fantasy is also a tribute to my late father, Tom Rippon, who passed away in 2010. The character Ogden looks quite a lot like him, and a lot of his heroism stems from my childhood perception of my Dad’s stubborn buffness. Dad loved video games, and so I wanted to send him on another adventure.”

Gaming has changed quite a lot since the era in which Dragon Fantasy Book II’s core mechanics were originally used, did that change the way Dragon Fantasy Book II was developed?

“Absolutely. For starters, as much as I loved it when I was a kid, I ditched the concept of active time battles. When I go back and play the classics, I almost always end up holding down the fast forward button on an emulator, and a big part of that is because I just got sick of waiting for those little action bars to fill up. I wanted DF2 to play as quickly or as slowly as the player wanted it to go. That, and we’re able to have way, way more enemies on screen, and so we take advantage of that quite frequently.”


Were there things that you wanted to add to Book II that games back in the era of Lufia and Chrono Trigger lacked?

“I fondly remember playing Secret of Mana with my friends, and always wished that other RPGs did that. Of course, even as a kid I had my doubts about how well that would work. But when Dragon Quest IX came out on the Nintendo DS I saw how it could be done and done really well. We spent a lot of time building a fun and easy to use online multiplayer system for Book II. Unfortunately, we had a few minor bugs in it that could have jeopardized our launch date, so we had to cut it from the 1.0 release. But we’re cleaning them up for a 1.1 release that will come a little later this year. I’m really excited to get that out, because that is basically everything I wanted from an RPG when I was 15.”

What would you say is the biggest inspiration that led both to the creation of the Dragon Fantasy series, as well as Book II’s development?

“I started designing Dragon Fantasy when I was 14. I’d been involved in fan translations of Japanese-only JRPGs, and while I didn’t work on it directly, the translation of Seiken Densetsu 3 was a huge inspiration to me. Also known as Secret of Mana 2, it basically embodied everything I’d ever wanted in a game at that time. So I teamed up with my friend Bryan to try to make a game like that. That…didn’t turn out so well at the time, but I kept the idea in my head for the better part of two decades. Then when my Dad passed away, I looked at all the things he’d personally accomplished and decided I needed to do something for myself again.”

Is there anything you want both gamers who enjoyed Book I, and gamers who are new to the series to know before book II releases?

“Book I was a very personal project for me, a lot of that game was made specifically to entertain myself during a very depressing time in my life after the death of my father. The result was a brutally hard, unabashedly retro NES RPG, complete with all the weaknesses you’d expect from a game from 1985 and that was all I wanted to play at the time, because it made me feel like maybe I was in my basement playing video games and Dad was just upstairs. A lot of people loved the old, old, incredibly old school style, but I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t a game for everyone. With Book II, it wasn’t just a personal project anymore, and my team and I worked hard to build a much more complete game. It’s a faster paced game, with more detailed graphics, and a much deeper, involved story. Instead of a being presented as three semi-connected chapters, now there’s one big game with dynamic battles, huge bosses, crafting, monster capturing, and even multiplayer coming in the 1.1 patch. In short, it’s not a game built for me, it’s a game built for everyone!”


So there you have it! All the teasers and dirt for fans of Dragon Fantasy, as well as JRPG’s alike to look forward to when Dragon Fantasy Book II releases on September 10th, Muteki will be at PAX Prime in booth #782 at the Indie MEGABOOTH, or you can visit their Facebook or Twitter for more information. All in all, as a fan of Muteki’s work, I am incredibly excited to get my hands on Book II, and see where Ogden’s adventures lead.

Aug 27

Meet the New Firefall Battleframe

Red 5 Studios keeps expanding the Firefall armory with today’s addition of the Omnidyne-M Arsenal Battleframe, free of charge for the duration of the Omnicon in-game event, that takes place until August 31st.

This event, where you can wear this new Battleframe, comes with unique daily missions, a limited time open world free-for-all PvP area called Holmgang located in the Sunken Harbor area and special rewards among other things. The event also includes double XP and permanent Battleframe progression for this newest addition. If you end up purchasing the Battleframe during the event you get a limited time Red Bean 25% off discount.

As for the Battleframe itself, Red 5 describes it as being a trade of heavy defense plating for swappable primary weapons. Among the included equipment is a Particle Beam cannon, a Light Machine Gun, a Combat Shotgun and the unique abilities of explosive Rocket Jumping, a passive EMP Pulse that drains surrounding enemies and mounted Shoulder Rockets.

To check out the new Battleframe, watch the video below (Warning: contains awesome explosions and rocket jumps!) or go to the specific site for it.

Aug 27

Kiz Studios Going to PAX Prime with Smashmuck Champions

SMC3 082613

Indie developer, Kiz Studios, will be showing off their new MOBA, Smashmuck Champions, over at

PAX Prime August 30-September 2.

Smashmuck Champions promises to make a new spin on the MOBA genre with multiple arenas, five game modes, and offering over 20 different champions to play. The game will be available to play for attendees all throughout the convention with live play and various tournaments being held. You can find them at booth 6003 on the 6th floor of the convention center. Visitors of their booth should also expect to look out for staff at the booth handing out merchandise, from foam swords to collectible pins.

DrJennifer PAXp12Kiz will also be holding an interactive panel, as they have previously done at prior PAX events. Those that attend will be able to help do the developers’ jobs and design a champion for the game. This includes the character’s role, skills, designs, and more, all while the team’s artists draw the champion out live on stage. Previous characters designed at PAX include Dr. Jennifer/Mr. Bite and Platimus the Platicorn. The panel will be held this Saturday at 6:00 PM in the Kraken Theater at the Hyatt. The panel sounds like it might be a lot of fun (and give you the chance to help create a game character) so be sure to visit if you’re interested.

Smashmuck Champion is currently in closed beta but it should be hitting Steam early access sometime next week. Those that want more information can visit the game’s official site.


Aug 27

NIS America Announces The Witch and The Hundred Knight Title

NIS America announced today, that their latest exciting action RPG will be titled The Witch and The Hundred Knight, to more accurately flow with events of the game. The Witch and the Hundred Knight, will release on Playstation 3 in 2014, here’s a rundown of a little bit of known information on the game.


The Witch Metallia, fed up with being trapped within the boundaries of her swamp, forges a contract with The Hundred Knight, to help her realize her dream and ambition of spreading her swamp through out the entire realm of Medea. As the Hundred Knight, you will do as your mistress commands, whether that is exploring swamps, destroying pillars meant to stop the spreading of her swamp, or wreaking indiscriminate havoc, all while your mind wonders…Who is the Swamp Witch Metallia really? Why have the other witches shunned her and why can she not leave her swamp? Is Metallia a woman to respect? Or a witch that should strike fear into humans and less than human knights alike.


If you want to check out more information, take a look at the official site for The Witch and the Hundred Knight. I am super excited for the game, it looks fantastic and I am a huge fan of NIS America, you can bet I’ll be hunting down a copy when it launches in 2014

Aug 27

A Legendary Symphony Fit for the Goddesses

wind-waker-hd-e3-2013-trailerIt’s been ten, long year since we last set sail upon the vast seas of Hyrule. Fans can fondly remember whittling away the hours from sailing island to island, meeting the eccentric shopkeeper Beetle and of course, the rage that was to be had at Tingle for his outrageous prices in translating IN-credible charts. With everything said and done, The Wind Waker was a title that fans often remember for its quirky characters and vast overworld that captured the heart of millions worldwide. Perhaps even more so was the music that accompanied it.

Thus, to celebrate the launch of it’s HD remastery for the WiiU on October 4th, Nintendo will be dropping anchor in Seattle, September 12th to present The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour. Fans who attend will not only hear just the wonderful music that inhabited the Wind Waker, but that of the entire series to date.  And of course, what would a video game music concert be without some kiosks featuring game play demos of The Wind Waker and A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS!zelda_002_thumb

Currently, over on Nintendo’s Facebook page, fans can submit their fan art/videos that will be displayed during the show. The top 50 submissions will appear within a video played before the show while the top 5 will win a WiiU and a copy of Wind Waker HD with their art featured in the Benaroya Hall.


When: September 12th at 7:30PM

Where: Benaroya Hall- 200 University St. Seattle, Washington 98101

Aug 26

Shake yourself with Zumba Fitness World Party’s Music

Majesco just announced the new Zumba Fitness World Party game soundtrack that will accompany your game work outs.

Zumba Fitness World Party Brazil1

The music set list features over 40 tracks from artists such as Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, Claudia Leitte, Joan Osborne and more, designed to help you burn 1000 calories per hour.

The tracks are meant to be a complement of the traditional Zumba rythms and regional songs from Hawaiian, Brazilian and Bhangra and the dance styles feature range from Salsa, Hip-Hop, Tahitian, Calypso, Bollywood, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Irish Step, with over 30 different styles available in-game. Notable new additions are Plena, Blues, Capoeira and Girly Funk.

Zumba Fitness World Party A2

The game features the usual energetic dance routines, a new World Tour mode, Full Class mode comprised of workout routines, Single Song, Learn the Steps and brand new visuals designed for a more immersive experience with the world travelling scenario as well as celebrity Zumba instructors such as Beto, Gina Grant, Kass Martin, Melissa Chiz, Heidy Torres, Loretta Bates, BhangraBros, Dr. B and more. There is an improved and streamlined Progress Tracker as well as personalised fitness goals and co-op modes for 2 players and 4 players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Wii and Wii U, respectively.

The game comes out this November on retailers and will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U, with Kinect features in both Xbox platforms and a special belt included designed to hold the Wii Remote for the Wii versions. The full soundtrack can be previewed on the official site for the game.

You can also find Zumba classes near you in-game or through the Zumba facebook and twitter accounts to get your groove going with large groups of people and show them what you learned in-doors by waving to the TV screen while your parents or roomies judge you as a crazy person.

Aug 26

Tactical Puzzle Fighter Coming to iOS


Mobile games for the iOS have come a long way since their infancy. And I’m exciting to announce that Mojaro, which consists of industry veterans that have worked with AAA franchises including Uncharted and Medal of Honor is taking it one step further. Being an independent video game developer since 2010, Mojaro  is focused on creating compelling, high quality games for mobile platforms and they did just that with upcoming game, Puzzle Knights.

Puzzle Knights is an online multiplayer where users will duel their friends using puzzle and tactical fighter mechanics with light RPG elements for the iOS. The game is designed so players can easily challenge their Facebook friends to honorable combat. Players will prepare for combat by solving match-three puzzles. The higher their score, the more stamina they earn to power their attacks and defensive moves. Players will then create a battle plan of each maneuver for their next duel.

Players can also connect with other players to make new friends (who they then can slaughter). The combat system makes it possible for friends to duel each other whenever either one is online. The combat history feature then allows them to review who defeated them when they were offline so they can plan revenge and challenge their frenemies to a rematch.

As players gain experience their fighters level up, they can equip different pieces of armor and weapons, each with its own stats and appearances allowing them to become an even more deadly opponent.

Puzzle Knights is to arrive at an App Store near you early next month.

Aug 25

Paradox Interactive Twitch Event

“While the world is enjoying PAX, Paradox Interactive takes you to even colder climates in two upcoming games on their Twitch channel”, states a recent Twitch email. Executive Producer Gordon Von Dyke and Lead Designer David Nisshagen will be showcasing never been streamed before, Magicka: Wizard Wars and another upcoming game, War of the Vikings; which they plan on revealing a new map.  To check out the action head over to Paradox’s Twitch channel on Thursday, August 29 at 8PM CEST and be sure to sign up for the Alpha test on BOTH games (linked above)!


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