Server: minecraft.ariablarg.tv:27565

So we now have a Minecraft server for the Blargnaut Crew!
This is a public/whitelist server so please make a post here to get the white listed.

Now to keep the server up Kashi is asking for donations, any amount will help and if we exceed the current price for the minecraft servers, we can improve the minecraft servers, by adding better mods, bigger maps, and allowing for more people to log into the servers. All donations left over from expansions will be sent to Aria. To donate to the minecraft/mumble server please go to the forums and donate there.


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  1. PhoenixStar117

    The link doe’s not work… I want to join the server, and if you can whitelist from here
    IGN: PhoenixStar117

    1. PhoenixStar117

      NVM! it works now 😀

  2. Medlow

    Medlow D:

  3. Aaron

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get whitelisted (I did post on forums) and I was wondering when Aria gets on. I’d very much like to meet her, find her a new chicken ( :D) and possibly do a video! I love MC (as knightm16) and I’m often on.

    Merry Yesterday!


  4. Ruby

    r00bee :)

  5. Alexis Gerardo

    Twitch.tv=Crazycomedy524 Minecraft=ninjasniper524

  6. zelda95

    twitch name=zelda95 minecraft= marshstar9

  7. Frozen

    I would love to get on the server. I’ve been looking for a online server to play on (single player is getting old) and would love to play with fellow Blargnaughts. MC name is frozenstaple

  8. 484melvin

    Hey can you white-list me my name is melvin484

    If you do thx.

  9. Krysta

    Hey can you white list GrimsGirl


    Reference: CheryDerry.

  10. squirrelmecha

    the server minecraft is destroyed Ender dragons every where

  11. clintombment


  12. squirrelmecha

    Are server down? Can’t connect to the server

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