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Jan 22

Coffee Stain Studios unleashes “A Story About My Uncle” on Steam!

Coffee Stain Studios, creators of the popular Sanctum Series, have teamed up with Gone North Games to bring you a new platforming title in 2014!  Cutting out the violence and explosive action and gore of most of today’s games, ASAMU creates a much more immersive experience by encouraging players to explore their environments and progress …

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Oct 14

Battling and Brewing – Charlie Murder Review

The beat-em-up genre has seen something of a revival in recent years with original entries such as Castle Crashers, franchise tie-ins like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, and both revisitations/retreads of classics of the genre including The Simpsons, Double Dragon and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. A unifying factor of all these titles is …

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Sep 19

Legend of Dungeon Review – a minimalist Dungeon Crawler

I always enjoyed Dungeon Crawlers. The challenge of getting past hundreds of monsters with a fight or flight mindset has always been a must when exploring the vast poorly lit rooms, while keeping an open eye for both foe and treasure. Legend of Dungeon succeeds in implementing this type of mentality, although it took me a …

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Aug 19

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Review

I’m a big adventure game fan and when I got the chance to check out Cognition I was pretty excited. Just from initial information the game looked interesting and I couldn’t wait to dive in. Having played other adventure games I had an idea of what to expect so I dove right into this one. Cognition …

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Aug 18

Do Not Fall Review – Return of Challenging Arcades

In recent years, I’ve seen a resurgence of the challenging platformer, but most of them, such as Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be the Boshi (or I Wanna Be the Guy even) are so far out of my skill level that they aren’t my kind of game. I enjoy a challenge yes, but I’m …

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Aug 14

Guncraft Review – Call of Duty Meets Minecraft Edition

I was (and still am) a huge Minecraft fan, I feel as though Minecraft changed the face of what sandbox building games could be, from the womb of Minecraft and games such as Bioshock and Call Of Duty, comes Guncraft, a mixture of Minecraft style creativity with First Person Shooter styled Multiplayer gameplay. Guncraft was …

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Aug 10

Review: Hill Bill

Hill Bill is a new iOS game by newcomer Balloon 27 (otherwise known as B27). The hook is pretty cute: Bill’s a redneck hillbilly with big dreams — to be just like Evel Knieval, his motorcycle-jumping idol. Dressed in big ol’ blue overalls and a bare chest, he straddles his trusty 3rd hand garage sale bike with pride, he’s ready to set up his very own ramps and starts riding. Bill starts out a little wobbly, but soon enough he’s mastering jumps and tricks in a course containing plenty of old junk found around his yard. A few of Bill’s friends even stop by to watch…then a few more friends come…then a few more. His sudden local fame puts big ideas in Bill’s head, and he decides to take his show on the road!

Aug 05

A Matter of Scales – Divinity: Dragon Commander Review

Truth be told, fantasy thematics and real-time strategic gameplay aren’t intertwined nearly as often as they should be. The Warcraft franchise set the bar high enough, with years down the line RTS games tend more toward historic backdrops and vaguely realistic science fiction alternatives rather than pitting dwarf against elf against the ever-frustrating humans. Dragon Commander, the …

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Aug 03

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Not Exactly Epic

Ubisoft first announced Might Quest For Epic Loot in early 2013 and a cornerstone of its E3 press conference presentation and on the show floor. During its “Open House” period from July 30th to August 6th I had a chance to give the game a try without having to wait for a key (I’m actually …

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Jul 21

Getting Face Time in Face Noir! A Review!

Italian indie studio, Mad Orange and Phoenix Online Studios come together in a point-and-click adventure title that delivers plenty of the hardships that stemmed from New York in the 1930’s. With the great depression casting a dark side on destiny for Jack del Nero, Face Noir captivates this melancholy tale that was inspired by a Raymond Chandler …

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