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Feb 13

Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9 Orbits Steam Early Access

One of Double Fine‘s Amnesia Fortnight 2012 projects, Spacebase DF-9, is being built up into a full-fledged game with the help of  Steam’s Early Access program. Originally available solely to Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle contributors or the subsequent digital compilation of the Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, the expanded edition of Spacebase DF-9 is growing to include many more …

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Jan 22

Coffee Stain Studios unleashes “A Story About My Uncle” on Steam!

Coffee Stain Studios, creators of the popular Sanctum Series, have teamed up with Gone North Games to bring you a new platforming title in 2014!  Cutting out the violence and explosive action and gore of most of today’s games, ASAMU creates a much more immersive experience by encouraging players to explore their environments and progress …

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Jan 21

Loadout! release Jan 31st!

Good news for anyone looking for an outlet for their anger! “Loadout!” is a game featuring rage-ridden characters with an overabundance of testosterone roaming the map just BEGGING for a face to cave in! You like guns? Good, you’re gonna need that. There are lots of them. Lots and lots of them. And a near …

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Status update

Howdy y’all! Ransom aka Aria’s squeeze here, back with a vengeance! We’re planning on picking the site back up full steam ahead to bring YOU the coverage you deserve of the newest and hottest news in gaming! Of course we’ll have our fair share of throwback pieces to keep even the most jaded gamer happy as well!  With us expecting Baby Arsom into the ranks soon, naturally we’re keeping ourselves busy, but are planning on keeping you all up to date!  So buckle up kiddies, it’s gonna be a WILD RIDE.

Nov 22

Tournaments Galore on Twitch This Weekend

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving and there’s certainly plenty to watch and keep you occupied before the big holiday! There’s a little something for everyone with the PS4 and Xbox One officially out now, but before Thanksgiving takes over, E-sports enthusiasts can breathe a collective sigh of relief with all the major stuff going on …

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Nov 13

Nintendo Announces Miiverse and Network ID’s for 3DS

With the introduction of Nintendo’s Miiverse and Network ID programs, fans no longer have to go through the string of hoops so to speak in talking with people and befriending them. However, it was only exclusive to the WiiU which left 3DS users out of the joys that came with the easier system. Especially so …

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Nov 12

BlargTV: Black Friday Sales

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching for those of us in the US, so to looms the much anticipated unofficial holiday known as Black Friday! It’s a day known as the official start of holiday shopping causing the masses to flock to various stores in search of the best deals and gifts for the holiday season. Though …

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Nov 12

OGN Teases Next Season of Champions Winter

With SKT T1 being crowned Season 3 World Champions and taking the Summoner’s Cup home, the Korean scene is already gearing up for it’s annual season of Champions Winter. Fans of League won’t have to wait long for the next season of professional play (that being Season 4), Champions Winter as tradition is played within …

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Nov 11

The Party Continues on Norwegian Cruises With Wii U

If you remember back around March 2007 or so, Nintendo spiced up the cruise life of Norwegian Cruise Line in bringing their popular Wii systems on board for the party. Guests were not only able to relax at sea in a resort style vacation, but play some of the hottest games that the Wii had …

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Nov 07

New Pikmin 3 DLC Hits the Nintendo eShop

Fans of the adorable creatures known as Pikmin rejoice! Today, Nintendo has announced that the lovable and edible creatures will be getting some love in the form of things that want to eat em as DLC. Entitled Battle Enemies!, these new missions allow players to continue to face challenges in the world of Pikmin, throwing the …

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