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Aug 01

WellPlayed Productions Reveals the 32 Teams for Spring Promo Qualifiers

With World Finals quickly showing up on the horizon, many of the pro teams are in the homerun stretch in their respective league to nab that life defining spot for a chance to compete for their country. While there’s plenty to be excited about in the professional scene, the stars of tomorrow are gearing up …

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Jul 25

Speed Demo Archives Presents: Summer Games Done Quick

The boys and girls with the need for speed are back once again for another exciting edition of the annual summer event known as Summer Games Done Quick. Ran by Speed Demo Archives, SGDQ brings together all of Twitch’s speedrunners such as Siglemic and Cosmowright underneath one roof to speedrun some of the most well …

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Jul 16

ONOG Presents eBay Esports for Charity With Curse and EG

  Seems like a lot is happening within the world of Esports as of late. With the announcement of the World Finals, the upcoming Gamescom International Wildcard tournament and the fact that the LCS summer split is already halfway done, players are certainly feeling the burn to do better and get those all important wins. …

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Jul 09

Join the Fight Today in FireFall’s Open Beta With Devs!

Hello fellow BlargNauts, if you’re a fan of the FPS genre as well as the MMO, then this post is gonna get you hyped! And if you’ve been following the development of the game by Red 5 Studios‘ Free-to-Play open world shooter, Firefall, then you’ll know that today marks the beginning of the highly anticipated …

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SSSsss Boom


The AriaBlarg and RansomSummer Joust Fight

While at PAX we saw a joust fight arena and said we had to do a fight there :p


The PAX Portal Choir

On the way to the the final PAX dinner we though of singing 99 bottles but we came up with a good alternative

Dec 08

BlargNauts to Arms!

Hello fellow BlargNauts, KitsuneKyon here. As many of you may or may not know, as of this month, has changed how we can highlight specific moments in a cast. Under the revised highlight system, editors appointed by a caster are the only ones allowed to create a highlight from a broadcast, not the community …

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Jul 18

The League of Extraordinary Gamers Week-Long Charity Marathon for EveryMan

 Hello fellow BlargNauts, KitsuneKyon here. As you guys may know, July is sometimes referred to as one of the best times of ones summer break. These summer days can manifest themselves in many different ways, but they all end up with BlargNauts having bunches of fun without the vices of school.  One thing is for …

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Status update

Hello Blargnauts,

As you very well may know, friend of the site Siglemic is a very popular Super Mario 64 speed runner, who runs 70 and 120 star speed runs, and he actually just set the new record for the 70 star speed run with a time of  49:35! Feel free to congratulate him and follow his channel at

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