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Oct 02


I’m a gamer. I’ve always been a gamer. I expect some day to keel over dead, a controller clutched firmly in my gnarled fingers, trying to finish one last level, quest, or gather that last bit of experience. A macabre visual perhaps, but I want to be clear gaming is part of my life and …

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Jul 10

Creepy Pasta T-shirt Giveaway

Recently, on a BlargNation podcast, we discussed the topic of creepypastas and ARGs. Something you might know about the AriaBlarg.TV staff, is WE LOVE WEIRD STUFF. We constantly share creepypastas and ARGs with each other, and love the thrill of getting spooked. Never heard of a creepypasta? They’re basically creepy stories written on the internet …

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Zombie Paisley Hello Kitty: BlargNation EP 12

In this podcast episode we talk about Nintendo, Zombies, and Future Features. There are two surprises waiting for us….


AriaBlarg Highlights!: Aria Be Poppin’ Off with Super Bad Girl Sass


Blargnation EP 011 We want E4

Well in this podcast we have a zoned out Kashi and more E3 talk this week


BlargNation Podcast: Insert Pineapple Here EP #10

Interesting podcast to come back to after 3 weeks, with our newest mod and blogger Zoeker



Blargnation EP 009: 3Derpest

So in this ep we talk about Nintendo stuff and a little bit of business stuff



Blargnation Podcast EP 004: TrollWednesday


Podcast EP 003 Random Neal

Mar 06

BlargNaut Interns Get!!

Hey BlargNauts! As you may already know, there are some changes going on in the AriaBlarg+Friends community, and we’re doing our best to produce new and awesome content! However, our staff team is still small, and we could use all the help we can get from our BlargNauts! So, we’re looking for interns who are proficient …

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