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Jan 22

Coffee Stain Studios unleashes “A Story About My Uncle” on Steam!

Coffee Stain Studios, creators of the popular Sanctum Series, have teamed up with Gone North Games to bring you a new platforming title in 2014!  Cutting out the violence and explosive action and gore of most of today’s games, ASAMU creates a much more immersive experience by encouraging players to explore their environments and progress …

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Nov 12

OGN Teases Next Season of Champions Winter

With SKT T1 being crowned Season 3 World Champions and taking the Summoner’s Cup home, the Korean scene is already gearing up for it’s annual season of Champions Winter. Fans of League won’t have to wait long for the next season of professional play (that being Season 4), Champions Winter as tradition is played within …

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Oct 28

The Hype Begins With Champions Winter

With the hype officially over from Worlds, the entirety of the League of Legends scene is looking forward to what Season 4 has in store for us. Already we’ve been given glimpses to some of the changes, not only in how our favorite teams change, but within the game itself. While everyone else is preparing …

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Oct 09

Square Enix Joins the CrowdFunding Craze

Color me surprised ladies and gentlemen. Video game industry giant Square-Enix has taken an interest in the crowd-funding craze that has helped many a game or project get started. My guess would be the whopping 4 million raised for Ex-Capcom employee Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No 9 that made a lot of heads turn in within …

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Oct 07

(UPDATE) Curse Announces New Roster+ Sister Team

With hype beginning to simmer from Worlds and SK Telecom T1 crowned Season 3 World Champions, many are looking forward to what Season 4 will bring us. Besides the announced Challenger Series and promised changes, many are salivating at the thought of the heavily rumored roster changes across the entire professional scene. Yesterday was the …

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Oct 05

Ladies and Gentlemen Your Season 3 World Champions!

  Today is the day you either put up or shut up. One team will go on to become the Best in the World with a cool sum of a million dollars. The other tasting bitter defeat knowing if they had just played a little better it’d be them in the spotlight. Fans have been …

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Sep 29

Season 3 League of Legends World Finals Confirmed

After the intensive best of three series featured in the quarterfinals, the four teams had the next two and a half days to prepare for their semi-final showdown. Granted, I’m sure the final four took that one day of much needed rest after just going and going since the beginning of the World Championships. Hopefully, …

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Sep 27

Magic: The Gathering and eSports on Twitch This Weekend

If you are looking for something to watch this weekend and you’ve got nowhere else to look to, we have a few events on Twitch this weekend that you will definitely need to look into. has some really stellar content and live-streamers that can only be found on, so here are the three …

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Sep 25

Arthelon and NydusHerMain Parts With To Be Determined

While most of the teams around the world are busy with Worlds, those that were left behind are planning and training for Season 4. That being said, it is imperative for those select teams to train and prepare as hard as they can with the time allotted as they face relegation and fight for their …

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Sep 25

4 Teams Move to Semi Finals League of Legends S3 Worlds

After a rather intensive week of the group stage, teams had little less than a day to go back to the drawing board. That day of rest wasn’t much as they no doubt practiced in hopes with a strategy that would keep their championship dream alive. Meanwhile, the top four teams of each region had …

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