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Feb 18

Bit Trip Aria

Bit Trip Aria

Feb 18

Two Fanarts from Blargnaut Noka! Aria playing Harvest Moon!

I love the drawings! Me collecting items to woo girls, and me naming my dog Asth!

Feb 18

Dat Face Palm

Feb 16

One Year Blarging Anniversary gift from Noka!

Although our streaming anniversary was January 1st of 2012, I was lazy and did not post this awesome fanart I received from Blargnaut NokaNoka! She featured all of my favorite games into the drawing, how awesome is that??

Feb 16

Fanart from Jennifuq!


Dat gif: by Mariomixedup

Aria Pooh
♫ Aria Pooh (Pooh!) Aria Pooh (Pooh!) ♫

Link to image

Dec 03


Nov 30

Video Game Paintings

Some people may know that back in the day I used to go to a private art school within my art school, where I studied Visual Arts for hours a day every day. I used to love painting, but being in college and moving so much it’s become really difficult to paint. Well that changes now!

Nov 22


Nov 01

Epic Epicness

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