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Feb 15

AriaBlogs: I like VIDEO GAMES

Aria Blogs about comic making!

Dec 21

Page 44 of Backup!

Click the title to see!

Dec 19

Backup Winter Doodle

Practicing drawing Sam and her boyfriend from my comic, Backup. I never understand how girls can wear low cut shirts during the winter. I freeze if I don’t have at least two sweaters.

Dec 02

Page 43 of Backup!

Check out the new page of Aria’s webcomic!

Oct 23

Page 42 of Backup!

Newest page of my comic, Backup, is up!!

Oct 03

New Page of Backup!

Confused about the story? Be sure to read the other pages in the comics section of the site.

Sep 25

New Page of Backup!

I added a new page! So be sure to check it out!