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AriaBlogs: Kashibot Design for the comic, I Like VIDEO GAMES


Still working on my designs for characters for my I Like VIDEO GAMES comic. I think I have a design I like for Kashibot, a robot designed after my webmaster, tech assistant, Kashi. I hope to have the first comic page up soon! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!

Feb 15

AriaBlogs: I like VIDEO GAMES

Aria Blogs about comic making!

Jan 11

Aria Blarg Paints: Dark Cloud Speed Painting!

Thank you Luigi__91 for editting this!

Dec 29

Thanks Mom!!

My super sweet mom got me the Bamboo Create tablet for Xmas! I wanted to express my excitement for the tablet with a doodle, but I’m still testing out the tablet and have a lot to learn! Thank you Mom!

Dec 19

Angelo in Ed Edd n Eddy style

mmm doodling mmm

Dec 19

Aria draws her non-videogame-related obessions: Ed Edd n Eddy

Click the title for more Ed Edd n Eddy doodles!

Dec 19

Backup Winter Doodle

Practicing drawing Sam and her boyfriend from my comic, Backup. I never understand how girls can wear low cut shirts during the winter. I freeze if I don’t have at least two sweaters.

Dec 01

Majora’s Mask Painting Update 2!

Day 3 of painting. Waiting for paints to dry overnight so that certain colors don’t blend together. I want to put a glaze on the clock tower after I do some details on it so that it’s more dark and shittt. Thank you Mariomixedup for sending me a screenshot of it!

Nov 30

Currently Working on: Zelda Majora’s Mask Painting

I just started this the previous night, so there’s a bit to go. This is how it is turning out so far though. I showed it on stream, so I thought it would be a good idea to post it on here. So if it looks unfinished, that’s because it is. This is just it so far hahahah.

Sep 23

What kind of Pokemon are you?

This seemed like a really good idea to draw this.