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Apr 20

Tagros’ Thoughts: A Dark Turn To A Lighthearted Monster

Hi friends! I know that it has been quite a while, but after a long hiatus, I hope to get back into writing, as there are some games coming out in the near future that I truly believe deserve some attention that might get thrown under the rug, or brushed away. This isn’t necessarily going …

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Mar 04

Tagros’ Thoughts: Bit Trip Buy This Game

Hello All! As I sit here waiting for it to hit 9 pm (when Tomb Raider releases on Steam for the West Coast), I wanted to do a blog about a game that I have been playing a bit of recently. Unfortunately, I have been massively busy with work the past two weeks, but I …

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Feb 20

The PS4 Is a Thing That is Real

Hello Friends! Chances are that if you are even slightly informed about games, then you have heard the news: PlayStation 4 is a reality! But outside of the reveal of the controller (which I do think is very impressive), was there really much of a shock with today’s announcement? I mean, sure, at the core, …

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Feb 18

Tagros’ Thoughts: The Turn of A New Leaf

Hello All! If you know me well, chances are you know my opinion on the Animal Crossing series.  I think that it is truly one of the best all around franchises out there (despite the fact that changes made may not be as extreme as other series), and each iteration is something that I look forward …

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Feb 11

Tagros Thoughts: A Tactician’s Adventure

Hello all, This week, I wanted to take a bit of a departure from the games that I usually talk about, to talk about another game that has been taking up an incredibly large amount of my time over the past few days. Now, I will say that I have maybe not given my 3DS …

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Feb 05

Ouya: Coming Soon To a Retailer Near You

If you recall back a few months ago, there was quite the hype about an android based console, that was set to “revolutionize” the gaming sphere.  There was quite a bit of fanfare when the Ouya was first announced, which led to a very successful kickstarter campaign.  Then, as unfortunately as it may sound, it …

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Jan 28

Tagros’ Thoughts: A World of Spectacle and Marvel

Hello Blargnauts, Another week has come and gone, and the world of games has made a pretty large step, despite the fact that there were not many large scale releases this week. The largest piece of news perhaps from the last week was the THQ settlement, which sent all of the studios held by THQ …

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Jan 21

Tagros’ Thoughts: The Dogs are Scheelpy

Hello All, So while I have been waiting for DmC to come out on Steam, I have been playing a bit of my back catalog (which I happened to expand quite a bit after the last steam sale). Most of these games, I had already played to some degree, but I had never really beaten …

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Jan 15

DmC Available Now on PS3 and Xbox 360, To PC Soon

For those that have been aching to play a new game, I am happy to announce that the wait shall soon be over! The Devil May Cry reboot titled DmC Devil May Cry has certainly had its fair share of public reaction (both in the positive and negative direction), but it has officially been released today on the PlayStation 3 …

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Jan 10

Tagros’ Thoughts: Visual Novel Edition!

Hello All, Welcome to the new year! We here at Ariablarg hope that you have all had a fantastic new year, and after a little bit of a break, I am ready to start writing about games again; hurray! Now after all of my game of the year deliberations, I somewhat swore off of big …

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