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Since I’ve begun doing video game paintings on my show, I’ve gotten a few requests to do commissions for people. I have been hesitant, but I really do love painting and do it often, so I am giving it a shot. So now, commissions are open!

What does this mean? If you like my video game paintings, you can have one of your very own. You tell me your favorite game, the size of the painting you want, and I’ll paint it and ship it to you! Of course, there are costs too.

These are current estimates. The examples listed are paintings I’ve done on stream to give you an idea of the size and look of the canvas.

Extra Small 9″x12″- $80
Small 12″x16″- $130
Medium 18″x24″- $200
Large 24″x30″- $300
Extra Large 30″x40″- $350
Extra x 2 Large 36″x48″ – $400

NOTE: Shipping is now free within the U.S.

If you’re interested in my doing a commission for you, just email me at [email protected]. Let me know the size you’re interested in and the video game you’d like. I’d love if you told me your favorite things about the game, to help me picture a good composition for you. I want to make you happy with your painting, but it’s best to not have a clear picture yourself. Tell me what you like, and I’ll work with it.

Also, if you don’t mind I’d love to cast myself painting it on my show!

Here’s a playlist of some of the paintings I’ve done so far on stream!


Also note that there is no refunds once the payment goes through as most of the money helps me pay rent/bills.


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  1. TheBoss10987

    What are the dimensions for the extra small and extra large? Just asking since you don’t have an example yet. Thanks Aria!

  2. Dan Misjuff

    Hey I am intersted in getting to pictures done, one for myself and one for one of my best buds, we play a game and is there anyway you can make 2 NEAR like same pictures? I know each one will be differnt but perhaps do 2 similar.

    with the Sizes, not sure exactly how big are they… your bioshock one what is that size considered? let me know!

  3. clintombment

    I would so love a picture of young link vs gohma from legend of zelda ocarina of time. i just gotta find the money to buy it somewhere.

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