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  1. Wedge2

    Glad this was posted in chat. I got upset when it ended, but it is now on my favorites toolbar! Can’t wait for the updates.

  2. Asthanius

    What’s this shit about Backup being by Kashi? BITCH YOU BE TRIPPIN’ IF YOU THINK THIS ISN’T BY ARIA! …Oh how I wish I could use Kappa here to signify that I’m not genuinely angry, but in actuality just trolling.

  3. EnragedViking

    This made my day =).

  4. Predawn

    i love Aria and her comics they’re just hilarious!! they just keep getting better! keep it up Aria :)

  5. Mommaramadama

    OK. I am all caught up. This is a great comic Aria. Very funny! I love the girl in the dorm room working on her fan page. The one with the mohawk. Can’t wait to see more!!!

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