Sep 14

Introductions: Annie’s Here!

He’s sweet and cuddly, honest.

Hi there, I’m Anna Marie.  I’ve gone by several monikers (Paws/PawsRPG being the most common and longest lasting), though I’ll be writing here under the hilarious nickname Annie, to celebrate how nobody manages to get my name right while playing League of Legends.  I tend towards JRPGs over WRPGs but think both are awesome game archetypes.  I play a lot of ‘casual’ titles including Hidden Object, Visual Novels, iOS, Match 3, etc. but they’ll never replace the love of RPGs both online and offline.  I also have three video game related tattoos: Jack Frost from the SMT/Persona universe, the Heartless Crest, and my crowning achievement, a Harvest Moon Cow tattoo.  Ever since I was a teenager and discovered the internet via BBS and MUSH roleplaying (lolnerd), I’ve been fascinated by gaming culture.  I’ve even turned my passion into a job.

I’ve been gaming for as long as I could sit up and hold a controller in my Granddad’s lap.  I’ve gamed on everything from the Intellivision and newer; growing up we had both the Genesis and NES, even buying my own SNES with babysitting money, so I’ve always had a great selection of games to choose from.  I loved JRPGs growing up, and they shaped my game tastes until very recently, when I spread out into PC gaming about seven years ago, notably MMORPGs.  If it’s an MMO, I’ll usually try it if someone points me at it; I have no strong preference between a Pay To Play (World of Warcraft), Buy To Play (Guild Wars 2) or Free to Play (D&D Online), as long as the game is good.  I’m always getting suggestions from friends on new games to try, so any time you spot something, let me know!


Beyond my game tastes, I’ve been writing about video games for nearly 13 years now, and have been working for a PR Agency catering to video game companies for over two.  My official title is Community Manager, and that’s what I do for companies who don’t need a full-time person in that position.  I love my job, and I get to work with some amazing people and customers.

The funny thing is, Aria and I knew of each other for a while now, but had never made the connection; she’s a huge Harvest Moon fan, whereas I’ve been watching her channel for almost a year.  We connected at PAX Prime, had a fantastic time together, and the rest is history!  You’ll find me here at the Blarg doing editorials on the industry in general, my thoughts on the changing gaming culture, and reviews. Looking forward to interacting with you all, but please remember: do not feed the bear.


  1. itzzzdae

    “say hello to my little friend” HELLO!!

  2. Bill Zoeker

    It’s so good to have you aboard, Annie!

  3. AriaBlarg

    Welcome to the team!

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