Aug 02

Elsword K-Ching Giveaway Tomorrow for Chung’s Second Job!

Ready your combo’ing fingers, Blargnauts, because we’re teaming up with Kill3rCombo once more. Aria loves her some Elsword, and it’s time she jump back into it on stream tomorrow at 5p.m. PDT. In our usual fashion, we’ve got some K-Ching(Elsword‘s cash shop currency) to give out to a few lucky players, but the festivities don’t stop there! Aria will also being showing off the two new job classes for the fan-favorite character, Chung.

Chung just received a second set of jobs, available at level 35, that expand on his existing classes. Fury Guardians can now become Iron Paladins, epitomizing the idea of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Meanwhile, Shooting Guardians can advance to the level of Deadly Chasers, turning their one gun into two, allowing for much more nimble shooting dudes in the face. Catch all of the details about Chung’s new promotion on the Elsword blog: http://blog.elswordonline.com/2012/07/welcome-chungs-2nd-job-change/

If you haven’t played Elsword before, it’s entirely free to acquire and play, and you can download it HERE!

And now for the free stuff! There are 4 prizes of $10 worth of K-Ching up for grabs, and all you have to do is take a screen cap.

  • If you have a Chung character with one of the second jobs equipped, a screen capture of your character will qualify you for one of two $10 K-Ching prizes.
  • If you have a Chung character not high level enough for the second job quest, or if you roll a new Chung character and get him to at least level 5, you are eligible for one of another two $10 K-Ching prizes (by screen capping your character, and following the directions below).
  • Entries accepted from the time the stream starts on Friday, August 3rd until 11:59p.m. PDT the same day.

Be advised that you may only enter once, and only for Chung with a second job, or without. Not both. Send your screen cap and Twitch TV username to [email protected] The winners will be chosen by a randomized raffle, and posted on the website. Shortly after, the winners will be contacted by Kill3rCombo with their prizes.

Good luck, and have fun!

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