Jul 10

Creepy Pasta T-shirt Giveaway

The gaze that stares into your soul

Recently, on a BlargNation podcast, we discussed the topic of creepypastas and ARGs. Something you might know about the AriaBlarg.TV staff, is WE LOVE WEIRD STUFF. We constantly share creepypastas and ARGs with each other, and love the thrill of getting spooked.

Creepy pasta: ruining childrens shows since the dawn of time

Never heard of a creepypasta? They’re basically creepy stories written on the internet that is copied and pasted (pasta) around. A lot of the time, they can center around a made up individual (such as Slenderman and The Rake) or they can be about your favorite cartoons or video games growing up (Squidward, Ben story involving Majora’s Mask).

As for ARGs, they stand for Alternate Reality Games. It’s an online game that people can participate in, and help solve the puzzles and may include real-life challenges. As awesome as these are..WE WANT THE SCARY ONES! Give us some Slenderman! Give us some Rake! Let’s get scary!


So now Blargnauts, we want YOU to spook us! Find us your creepiest creepypasta or ARG and you may win a Blargnaut T-shirt!

Rules are simple!

1. Send us your videos, websites, creepypastas in the comments below!
2. Scare us? Get us to not sleep? Win a T-shirt!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys have for us!

We’ll be waiting..


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  1. ramsesbringerofwar


  2. diced

    http://pastebin.com/u8zXbLyA one of my favs

  3. diced

    also if you want a disturbing movie you probably haven’t seen, check out Deadly End (2005) on netflix~

  4. xmikeywarriorx

  5. sinspitterx

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_h1dY66Rm4 The whole creepypasta and story about it is in the notations

  6. Forslimjims

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-iKY2LduTU Childhood ruined

  7. Batschi

    That movie creeped the shit out of me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BENDh1sRPX0

  8. Suleks

    http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31 this comic is…creepy. yep.

  9. Fenri

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jRTwRjDpu8 Pokemon Creepypasta.

  10. Corbin Went

    OC bitches:

    Now this here story takes place up in hill country, back up in the wood. Concerns a man name of Stuck, and stuck is what he was. Ol’ Stuck had a bit of a bad winter storm one week and, living up in the hills alone like he do, nobody knew about it. He got snowed up and without any extra food and water. Now it comes ’bout that ol’ Stuck had hisself two dogs what he could send out to hunt. They’s named Dis an’ Dat. Stuck saw he was runnin’ low on meals for him an’ his dogs, so he set up preparing to walk down to the town so as to wait out the storm.
    Just as he had got his snow shoes on, though, there was a knock at the door. Ol’ Stuck wondered to hisself how any other being could make it to his cabin through the snow, but opened the door anyway to let the stranger in. Just as the door was cracked far enough open for a mouse to slip through, ol’ Stuck’s dog Dis bolted through the crack and out into the snow like lightning on ice. Man called after his dog and got no answer, and no stranger in sight.
    Stuck set out walkin’ with Dat, making his way down the hill to the smoking chimneys in town. Not five minutes later, man hears a dog barkin’ off in the trees. ‘Dis!’ he calls, ‘Here boy!’ Then Stuck’s other dog, Dat, runs off into the woods to find the barkin’. Stuck waits another five minutes for his dog to come back, but slowly the barkin’ fades off and goes quiet. Man starts walkin’ down the hill, cursin’ under his breath. It very cold out and Stuck ain’t ate for two days.
    Another ten minutes of walkin’ and Stuck sees a very peculiar sight indeed. A man in formal dress, sitting on a stump with a black satin-wrapped box.
    ‘What you doin’?’ asks Stuck.
    ‘Waiting for you, my good man,’ answer the man.
    ‘Well who you is? And what may you be wantin’?’ ask Stuck.
    ‘Wanting? Oh no, sir, I am here to give you something,’ man says. ‘My name is Scratch.’
    Now Stuck heard stories as a boy, ’bout how Old Scratch would show up outta the blue and make you a deal, only to steal your soul in exchange, for he was truly the devil in disguise. Ol’ Stuck didn’t put much store by them stories, but was scared of this stranger nonetheless.
    ‘Scratch, is it? Well, Old Scratch, I know your trick, and I feign leave my wits behind me on a sunny day, let alone a storm like this. I’ll have no part in yer dealings,’ Stuck say to the man.
    At this the man, Scratch, stands up tall, something near seven foot, Stuck would always say after, black box in one hand and a hand full o’ diamonds in t’other.
    ‘I offer no deals, sir, I simply have two gifts and you must pick one. A handful of diamonds that would make you rich beyond your lifetime–‘
    ‘What need I wit’ diamonds? I got a home, I got a bed, ain’t nothing I need money for,’ Stuck blurt out, cutting off the man in black, ‘so just go yer own way and I’ll go mine.’
    ‘Ah, but in the other,’ says Scratch, ‘there is the finest, warmest winter coat you’ll find this side of the Mississippi.’
    At this Stuck, who was awful cold, turn and look at the box. With more than a minute’s hesitation, he dash up, take the box, rip it open and reveal a bushy new coat, which he put on and find to fit him perfect.
    ‘Gods alive, this a nice coat! So warm I don’t have to hurry down the hill! What pelt it is? What this made from?’ Stuck ask the man, excited as a man can be.
    ‘Oh,’ reply Old Scratch, ‘This and that.’
    And with that he walk behind a tree and Stuck never did see him again as long as he live.


    This is a story that happened to me 7 years ago, when I was a kid. I was out alone in some fields one night because I had to head into town on a couple of errands my sort of adoptive mother sent me on. He was really sick, so it couldn’t wait until morning. Anyway, I hadn’t gone out alone before but I figured I’d just follow the path. At night the field looked bigger than I expected and I tried to stay on the path, but it went for a while and then stopped. I was pretty creeped out, and it was cold and dark. The trees were creaking and suddenly I heard a howl from out of nowhere, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. It sounded like it came from above me and under me at the same time. I didn’t know what to do, so I stood there in the grass and looked around. Nothing there. I kept walking. I could see the lights from town, and felt better. I decided to make a bee-line straight there as fast as I could, and started running. The dead grass crunched beneath my feet and my heels kicked up bits of dirt and pebbles. I was breathing pretty heavily, but I was getting closer. Then, and I’ll never forget this, I heard a sound like the earth ripping open behind me. It sounded like ripping a piece of heavy cloth. That startled me and I spun around (I was so dumb back then). What I saw still haunts me to this day. A pile of bones, no skin or muscle or ligaments, just bones, pulled itself out of the earth and onto the grass. It stood up on two feet, like a man, but it had the skull of some beast like a dog or a deer. It was as tall as me and had glowing orange eyes. I stood in terror as it lumbered towards me, its arms outstretched. I don’t know what it would have done to me if Navi hadn’t told me “Don’t be afraid of the Stalchild, Link. Just attack it repeatedly!” and I’m glad I didn’t find out.

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