Jun 12

The E3 No-shows

As you’ve probably heard, E3 this year was a major disappointment. Games such as Animal Crossing 3DS and Laytonvs. Wright were not given dates and Half Life 2: Episode 3 and Fallout 4 remain to be seen.

So where were these games?

Nintendo, while criticized for their rehashing of E3 2011, has been extremely busy working on pushing out the Wii-U before the holiday season, as well as figuring out an appropriate pricing structure for the Wii-U. Nintendo also has a slew of games planned for the 2nd half of 2012 such as Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros 2 that may have pushed Animal Crossing 3DS back to create a solid fiscal start for 2013.Layton vs. Wright might also suffer the same delayed fate, but the Tokyo Game Show might be loaded with surprises for Animal Crossing and Phoenix Wright fans.

Iwata hinting at Donkey Kong 3DS?!

Bethesda has been a busy company and this year looks to be the same. Fallout 4 has still not been announced as Bethesdais focusing on The Elder Scrolls Online, which is scheduled for 2013 and Dishonored which is scheduled for October of 2012. Bethesdais also pushing out Skyrim: Dawngaurd, planned for June 26th and an unnamed DLC for later this year.

Valve stated that they would not announce any new games before E3, but rabid fans such as myself, clung to hope that Lord Gaben would deliver the Episode 3 in a surprise announcement that would save E3 2012. Unfortunately we were met with disappointment, but I still have hope that Valve will deliver information after they push out DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive to the masses in 2012/Early 2013.

Gaben you troll. Maybe next E3

So while our favorite games weren’t announced at this E3, we can always hope that next year will be the year that will deliver us to the gaming promise land.


  1. Wedge2

    I was disappointed with the lack of Doom 4 news, but Pikmin 3 makes up for that.

  2. WindowsUpdate

    Yes, very dissapointed this year. Plus i’ve been waiting for something Half Life related for a long time. Nothing :(

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