Jun 04

Painting Price Changes? YOU DECIDE!

Hey guys, as some of you may know, I have been doing video game commissions for some time now. I have been having a blast with them. Pricing has been difficult, since we try to have people pay the shipping seperately, but the shipping has been a little alarming at time in regards to how high the price can be. For example, shipping a large sized Portal painting today costed $150, when the commission costed $200. Because this was my first time shipping a painting of this size, I split the shipping costs with him, as I felt it was highly unreasonable.

So what I want to know, is if you guys think that we should do an overall rise in prices for the commissions ($30 raise for XS and S, $50 raise for M, $100 raise for L and XL). And this would cover overall cost of shipping, and we would only add shipping costs to people who are out of state, or if you feel like we should keep the prices where they are at and have people pay for their shipping, and just have a warning on the prices for shipping.

To see the current prices of commissions, go HERE!

Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section, as this will greatly influence our decision!!


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  1. tdb30_

    If people know up front how much shipping is then they can decide if they want a painting at whatever price you set. You need to be compensated for your time so you should set the price based on that.

  2. Nick Vechiola

    I think you should just raise prices overall. I feel like it’d just make things easier overall.
    Either that, or make it clear on the commissions page that they’re going to need to pay whatever the shipping costs are going to be.

  3. PKPunk

    I’d say go with it. if it covers the shipping, then it will work

  4. Retrovidya

    I think that would be a great idea and it overall would be much better for everyone.

  5. Emp_omg_pr_based_jahaswag

    Same here, if the shipping costs are lower because of the higher price it seems reasonable to raise your paintings a bit.

    Also… Sssssswag

  6. PrimeLurker

    I would think an overall raise would be simplest (especially if you do a lot of in-state work). I would just make sure it is clearly stated that If you are out of state, shipping will be extra (and to contact you first, for an estimate).

  7. Cornzone4

    I think just having people pay for the shipping is good

  8. Spartanchick316

    I have to agree with the general price raise. Personally I think that if there is a mutual agreement about the cost of shipping its fine. Otherwise you can tell the ‘client’ what the price of shipping is when you find out and then come to agreement then.

  9. crazyrockman

    The customer should pay the shipping always in my opinion. I mean they are the ones who ordered it so it kinda makes sense they gotta pay to get it sent to them. Is picking it up an option if they live closer?

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