May 06

Tagros’ Thoughts: That Nintendo, it’s just so Super


Once again it has been a very eventful week in the gaming world, and similar to last week, there has been quite a bit that has been going on with me as well.  For those who didn’t know, PAX Prime tickets went back on sale on Wednesday (after a bit of a snag up with the way that the registration system was working), and promptly sold out within less than 5 hours.  For reference, Pax Prime 2011 took about 7-8 weeks to fully sell out, so the fact that it sold out so quickly this year is really a testament to the growing nature of the games industry.  Luckily, every one of the people that we were planning to take to Pax for work on the site got tickets, so you can rest easy and get excited for the amount of content that we will be bringing to those of you who could not attend the convention.  Outside of the Pax stuff, the main thing that I want to talk about this week is my newly acquired console, a Super Nintendo that I won off of eBay!

My console may not look as clean as this one, but it plays perfectly

Now I have always wanted to get a Super Nintendo (the first main system that I had when I was a child was the Nintendo 64, so I missed earlier generations of consoles), and with deals on eBay constantly happening, I found myself winning a SNES for roughly 20 dollars when shipping and handling was factored in, and I ended up finding a few games for fairly cheap that I have been having an absolute blast with.  The game that I have been playing the most of by far is Super Mario World, but I also have Super Street Fighter II, which I have been having quite a bit of fun with, and F Zero, which I have not tried out much of, partially because I have been playing so much of the other two.


I have a few idea of the games that I want to get next (I really want to get some RPG’s, because there are some classics on the SNES), but as of now, I have just been in seventh heaven playing my Super Nintendo.  While there isn’t a ton of nostalgia for me coming back to these games as I never played them when they were originally released, what it does give me is a sense of the way that the gaming world has changed, and it really makes me return to the root of gaming and how much fun simple games like Super Mario World truly can be.

Happy Gaming!


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