Apr 28

Tagros’ Thoughts: The League of Psychosis


Well, it has not only been a pretty eventful week in gaming for me personally, and with Pax Prime tickets going on (and promptly off) line, it seems like the world of games has been quite busy as well.  The past few weeks for me have been mainly midterms and stuff in school, but the time that I have spent in the gaming sphere has been largely divided between two games, those being  Psychonauts on one hand, and League of Legends on the other.

One of the main characters that I have found myself interested in is Nocturne

Now, I promise that I am not going to turn this blog into a weekly addition of what I have been doing in League of Legends, but I want to say that after playing for a week or so, I have started to like the game a bit more.  I have a few close friends that I play with (that also happen to be Blargnauts), and I honestly think that if it weren’t for them, I would not be as interested as I am in this game, but because I get to play with some of the Blargnauts, it makes it easier for me (a beginner) to not only get into the game, but also to want to continue playing.

The second game that I have been playing that I feel will come with a little less community outrage is Psychonauts, which I can finally play now that I have a semi decent computer that can handle games.  This is actually the first Double Fine game that I have really gotten into (I played a little bit of Brutal Legend, but not too much), and thus far I am really liking it.  The style of pretty much every Double Fine game is very unique, and Psychonauts is certainly no different.  It feels kind of odd getting into a game so late after it has come out, but it is definitely entertaining, and if you want to play this game, there is really nothing like it out on the market today.  I’ve put about an hour into it thus far (got through Coach Oleanders first mind puzzle), and I certainly plan on going back to it in the near future, so look forward to more of that!

From the wonderfully dysfunctional mind of Tim Schafer comes.... Psychonauts!

For those who have been reading most of my blogs, I am hoping to change things up a bit in the very near future, so please stay tuned as I have some very interesting changes that I hope to be implementing very soon!  As far as the future of my gaming and where the blog will go, I hope to have my ticket to Pax Prime by the next blog post that I make, but with everything that has been going on over at the penny arcade offices, it may be a little bit longer.  We shall see where the gaming world takes us, but until then…

Happy Gaming!



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