Apr 22

Tagros’ Thoughts: Joining the League


I hate to regret it, and the mere fact of it makes me a tad sick to myself, but I have developed a bit of an addiction to a game called League of Legends. I will let you judge me right now. Ok, are you done doing that? To be fair, I am not very far into the game (I have completed a few games and the tutorial, but that is it, but I want to quickly address the stigma that seems to come with this game, and games like it.

A battle between champions tends to look like this

The thing that we first must realize is that most all of us play some part in the Twitch.tv community. Whether we are streamers, moderators, active viewers or lurkers, most of us watch at least some twitch.tv (to varying degrees but watch nonetheless). With this fact in mind, people who watch streams will most likely see the front page of twitch, which is usually heavily features a few select games, among those being League of Legends. In addition to the fact that League of Legends is stigmatized as a “popular” game on twitch.tv, some of the people that cast it may not have the most positive image associated with them, and people tend to hate on the game because of the people that play it (think of 12-14 year olds who are very “talkative” with their mics in FPS’s, and you will get a pretty good picture of how these people are seen in the community.) What I ask of you, the Blargnauts, however, is that before you go out and judge the game based on the faces that represent the community (on twitch), you at least try the game out. I know that some of you have and have made your opinions, and that is fine, but I really do not think that you should base a game on a few people that have become the “face” of the game.

Just try the game out. You very well may quit after one game and never come back, and if that is the case, I will be completely fine with it. But I was an early opponent of games like LoL, but once I started playing them with friends, I found out that it was a lot more fun than I had originally imagined (as of now I am mainly playing as Heimerdinger, but I am looking to expand). I don’t ask you to completely devote all of your time to playing LoL, I just ask you to give it a chance; who knows, you may find out something that you never could have imagined to be true, is.

Happy Gaming!



  1. Darion Gomez

    Welcome to the club friend Kappa

  2. JhnnyCrwsh

    I’m actually a big LoL player, I just don’t advertise it. I have a level 30 account and a level 10 smurf. Any Blargnauts that want to play with me, just send me a message. :)

  3. JhnnyCrwsh

    Man, I totally made a comment without logging in, that was dumb.

    Anyways, as I was saying. I’m actually a big LoL player and I just don’t advertise it. I have a level 30 and a level 10 account. If any Blargnauts want to play with me, just let me know.

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