Apr 03

Tagros’ Thoughts: A Beat-Em-Up in the Modern Age


Well, my Spring Break has come and passed, and I am quickly going in to what looks to be my last term of college.  I could probably write a completely separate blog post on all the things that are swirling in my head, but for now, let us rejoice and talk about something much lighter, VIDEO GAMES! Those are cool, right?!?  Particularly, there is one game that I have been playing a bit of recently, and it is one that I have been having quite a blast with.  The game that I am referring to, is (drum roll please), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game!

This is what a traditional screen looks like in the game

Now I know that this game is pretty old (was released on XBLA and PSN in the summer of 2010), but if you have not played it before and long for a nostalgic beat-em-up, the likes of River City Ransom or Streets of Rage, this game is something that you should definitely check out. I have been playing as mostly Kim Pine (due to an inside joke that I have with a friend), but there are a bevy of characters to choose from that, while from the outset may seem to have pretty similar fighting styles, have some key differences that make each of them unique.  It’s a shame that the co-op is only local, and must be done at the beginning, but the fact is that for $10, it is a really good game.  The soundtrack is very well done, and the gameplay is really solid, so I have just been having a blast with it.


Outside of that game, I did pick up Journey, but I have not had a chance to try it out yet (although there is a pretty high probability that next weeks blog post may cover more about that game), but for now, its mainly just been break, Scott Pilgrim, and getting ready to finish off school in a strong manner.  Hopefully you all have been having (or had) a nice break (if you go to school), and last but not least, remember to check out the community podcast this Wednesday at 5 pm PST on the channel!

Happy Gaming!


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