Status update

Hey guys so those of you who are interested I need a group of people to listen to the podcast before I put them up to iTunes and on here, if you are interested comment below or contact me via skype at kashi_takashi


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  1. vhinfy

    ill help

  2. Cornzone4

    I can do it Kappa/

  3. Thad

    I guess I can lend a pair of ears.

  4. Kashi_takashi

    Sorry guys there are other things that are grabbing my attention right now, I will post the listening link as soon as i can

    1. Kashi_takashi

      Here is the current mixdown for ep 2 let me know if i missed any thing, remember the words as of right now i need to bleep out is cunt and fuck http://podcast.ariablarg.tv/2012/03/11/ep-2-pre-post/

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