Mar 05

Mass Effect 3 24 hour Marathon

So I have cleared it with Aria and Angeho that instead of a normal shift on Tuesday with a Blargnaut I will run a 24-hour marathon of Mass Effect 3 when it comes out. This will be on the PS3 version so if we have enough people to do it we can do several co-op missions until we have galactic readiness, or until everyone is dead tired. So right after Aria finished with her shift I will start casting on her channel for non-stop action!  Also vote in the Poll if you want to see a Fem. Shepard or a Male Shepard! If there are enough votes for the troll option (what is this!) I will be choosing the Fem. Shepard and naming her Commander AriaBlarg Shepard :p [poll id=”20″]

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  1. Jaredaskew

    troll :)

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