Feb 25

Suspect Analysis: WWE ’12

It’s Wrestlemania! You’re coming out to your theme song, making your way to the ring for the biggest match of the year. And of your career You’re in a match for the WWE Championship and all of a sudden you realize it is just a game. WWE ’12 is the first installment of the WWE  branded games, and the latest game of the WWE series which has 50+ games dating back to the 80’s!


This new installment brings much to the table of being by arguably the greatest wrestling game ever made. With over 60 different wrestlers to choose from and 15 more coming from just DLC’s, you won’t be getting bored. The extensive roster has you going from the quick and agile Kofi Kingston to the brawler Triple H and even the fragile and beautiful Kelly Kelly is in the mix. Now let’s add the ability to chose from over 15 different arenas and have over 50 different match types and you are in for a truly awe-inspiring wrestling based video games. There are thousands of different possibilities of things to do and that are just in exhibition. Let’s say you’re in a mood just to beat the living crap out of your opponent: you can do an Extreme Rules match that will give you No Disqualifications. Or maybe you want to have a fast-paced match which you could do by selecting Royal Rumble which pits you against 9, 19, 29, or 39 different opponents and your goal is to be the last one standing! WWE ’12 has the possibility of doing almost everything you would want to do in a wrestling ring, without the pain, sweat, or tears of actually doing it. THQ added Predator Technology to the mix this year which is their revamp of the old playing system of the Smackdown vs. Raw series which was created to make the matches more fluent. The first time I played the game the controls were a little iffy for me, but once I started playing it proved to be a superior control setup to the past games. Predator Technology makes the game not just easier to play but also gives you a sense of  how amazing this game is because the technology used makes simple things like the crowd and ring ropes look fantastic from the crowds chanting for the good guy or booing the bad guy to the ring ropes simply moving after a big move is done it all looks beautiful.

Road to Wrestlemania

The “story mode” if you will of this game is the “Road to Wrestlemania” which is an extensive storyline that covers 3 Wrestlemanias, 18 months, and 3 wrestlers’ rise to stardom. To avoid spoilers I will only be talking about each one brieflly.  First off is the Shaemus storyline which has you watching Shaemus create a stable “United Kingdom” that takes over the WWE.  On the way he takes out Triple H which leads into the next RTWM in which you control Triple H and his chase of becoming the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania but there are challenges along the way for “The Game” to see if he truly is the best. Now the last part of the RTWM is yours you take control of a created character which they rename “Jacob Cass” he is the newbie to the Roster who is voiced by TNA wrestler Austin Aeries all Jacob wants it to get his name out there and by doing that he comes upon many challenges but thing is he is stuck straight in the middle of a WWE vs. WCW war. This is by far my favorite one just because it gives you the sense that you are in the WWE. Road to Wrestlemania this year is one of the best that has ever been created because it has points where it’s not just a match but it’s actually a show that you feel like your watching but your not. It’s a 15-20 hour story mode and you can only unlock certain wrestlers from doing so but if you have the time I would highly suggest that you try it. Especially hardcore WWE Fans will quickly notice that it is a very fun mode to do even though in my opinion the games majesty comes with the able to create and customize so many things.

Customization and Creation

This is truly where all WWE games of the last 15 years get there credibility but this year it is taken to a whole new level. There is so many things you can do and so many things you can create that you get immersed in a world in and of itself that you would never expect. Every year for the past few years they ad a new thing that you can create it started with the ability to Create a Wrestler and just evolved from there. You can create wrestlers, enterances, move sets, videos, rings, shows, the list goes on and on from things that I have seen on the Internet people take advantage of this to the max. Heck even on JTV/TTV you can find user created wrestling shows which if created right can be just as entertaining as the real thing.  I wish I had more to say on the customization of the game but it’s just one of those things that you need to try to get a real sense of how amazing it is.



For a game that is 49.99 used and 59.99 new, I highly suggest this game for any wrestling fan’s gaming library and with that, on the Suspect Rate-o-Meter I give it a solid 9 stars. It is a great game that deserves much more credit than Game Informer gave them with a low rating of 5.5.

If you want to play me in a match one day online my Xbox Live name is Suspectible, so just leave your Twitch.tv name in your message and I will gladly play a match or two with you.

Happy Gaming!! 

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