Jan 06

Final Fantasy XV SleepCast Part Deux

Join Aria on continuing her quest filled with fishing, fickle felines, and ferocious daemons!  Oh my!


Jan 04

Aria and Gray Sleepy “AbzZzu” Cast!

Powerhouse Mama Aria and Little Gray dive into Abzu to discover the mysteries of the deep blue! Stay for fantastic fish and fun!


Stay tuned for more casts!

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Jan 04

Currently Under Construction, yo.

Slowly but surely taking a little time to get the site updated while managing family life.  It won’t be quick, but both Aria and I are curious about getting a little back into streaming and I personally just used to love the site, so I may try to get the old forums back up.  Miss everyone!

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Jan 04

Hey guys!!


Fuckin’ Greatness Awaits


Hello all! Ransom here looking to get the site back up and running! Coming soon we’re going to be looking for volunteer writers for articles to join our writing team for the site!  More details to follow!

If anyone might be interested in helping with new game reviews, site status updates, recent gaming announcements and such, just send a message and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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Jan 04

Aria and Nick begin FFXV Sleepcast!

Were bundled up with the lights low and the PS4 fired up to try our hand at Final Fantasy XV.  Tune in to the stream to watch us live and join in the fun!


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Jan 04

Aria Plays Abzu!

AriaBlarg playing Abzu for PS4!  Join her on her undersea adventure!


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